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I'm Gemma. A West London based theatre director and yoga teacher. I direct Shakespeare, physical theatre, circus and lots of comedies. Yoga has formed part of my practice as a theatre director since 2008. I’ve used yoga with actors of all ages, fitness and body types. 


I call myself the Theatre Yogi because I think yoga and theatre are intrinsically connected. Both mediums aim to connect people to themselves, and to humanity as a whole. Both make demands emotionally, spiritually and physically, and ultimately to ask the questions that make us better humans. They are political mediums that start with the very personal question of ‘who are you’ and ‘what do you value’? 


Practising yoga has made me stronger, flexible and more physically capable and I provide that training in my classes. Beyond that you will find yoga can transform your whole life, creating focus, resilience and purpose. As one of my students says "it's a whole mind, body and spirit workout."


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